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Installing a Recoheat at Manor Wood Design

If you're on YouTube and you're into carpentry or furniture making, you may well have come across #manorwooddesign Andy Gray's channel has over 100k subscribers, and is growing fast. They're all people fascinated by his craftsmanship and clear, down-to-earth commentaries on the work he does building exquisite pieces of furniture in wood and resin.

He contacted us as he's been looking for a way to improve the distribution of heat from his stove in the workshop he's building after his last one was completely destroyed in a fire. We went over there - in a beautiful part of Shropshire near Ludlow - with our friend Nick Hutchinson, who is a Hetas installer based near Shrewsbury.

We had a great time, and Andy is going to be testing our unit and telling his channel about it, so jump over there to see his wonderful work, and find out how he gets on heating his large and beautiful oak-framed workshop.

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