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Does it work? Ask our customers. Check out our reviews on Trustpilot, and look at the customer installations and comments below to see how and where our units are being used to get more heat much further using less fuel and less CO2. 

Mark Thompson barge.jpg

J'en ai installé un dans ma barge hollandaise de 70 pieds sur 14 pieds - cela fonctionne à merveille. Étant dans l'eau, la condensation est normalement un problème ; le Recoheat résout ce problème et déplace la chaleur tout autour du bateau.

Mark Thompson, Oundle

Le Recoheat est en place et fonctionne. C'est super - chaleur totale dans la pièce comme vous l'avez dit. Je peux maintenant en faire la promotion auprès de mes amis et de mes clients.

Dave Johnson, Sweep et installateur, Bradford

Dave Johnson 3.jpg

Nous vivons dans une grande vieille ferme du Lincolnshire et il fait très froid. Depuis que nous avons installé un Recoheat dans notre salon principal, nous avons pu éloigner les meubles du poêle et ajouter un canapé supplémentaire car toute la pièce est chaude - et nous utilisons environ un tiers du carburant parce que nous ne pas besoin d'un grand feu. Cela a franchement changé nos vies !

Marie-Louise, Boston, Lincs

J'en ai installé un sur mon propre poêle à la maison, ça marche très bien, la chaleur instantanée dès que vous l'allumez. Nous allons les commercialiser et offrir un service d'ajustement dans le North Northumberland.

Colin Davison, The Northumberland Sweep Chimney Services

Colin Davison 1.jpg

The Recoheat system is performing wonderfully in my humble cabinet shop. After the stove flame is extinguished I continue to have a flow of warm air from the heat exchanger coils for several hours. Just simply amazing. My old heat exchanger cooled the flue temperature immediately where the Recoheat unit preserves the temperature. Thank you Recoheat!

Jeff Davis Woodshop, South Carolina, USA

Jeff Davis.jpg

The unit is working great. I use less wood and I'm getting a warmer output. So that is great.  The early heat upon starting the fire is nice but the residual heat for several hours after the fire burns out is fantastic. I don’t need to wake up every 4 hours and put wood on the fire. I will probably purchase a second unit for my mountain cabin soon. I'm very happy with the purchase.

Richard, California, USA

Richard Knox cabin.jpg

When I go down to the stove in the morning, the room is warmer and it’s just coals and it’s still pumping warm air into the room. I’m thrilled that I’m pulling wasted heat out of the chimney!   

Theo, Wisconsin, USA

The Recoheat is working well. The room is warmer, but it also keeps the temperature in the corridor outside comfortable, which makes a big difference to the rest of the house.

Cameron, Turriff, Scotland

Cameron stove.jpg

Very pleased with my device. Working great, I think it equates to an extra radiator in my workshop.I didn’t want to use less fuel but just wanted my large workshop to be slightly warmer. Which it is.

Philip, Randalstown, Northern Ireland

Philip - Randalstown NI.jpg

"The Recoheat unit has made a huge difference to our living room which is quite large with high ceilings.  The main benefit is that the warmth from the fire now reaches all around the room and we can sit at the dining table in comfort without using a very expensive electric heater as we used to do!  Also, there is a big change to the floor area which is now warm thanks to the air circulating.... our cold feet syndrome has gone!"

Ruth, Dordoyne, France

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