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I have one fitted in my Dutch barge 70ft by 14ft - it works amazing. Being in water, condensation is normally a problem; the Recoheat solves this and moves the heat all around the boat.

Mark Thompson, Oundle

The Recoheat is in and working. It's great - total heat in the room as you said. I can now promote this to my mates and customers.

Dave Johnson, Sweep and installer, Bradford

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We live in a big old Lincolnshire farmhouse and it gets really cold. Since we fitted a Recoheat in our main living room we've been able to move the furniture away from the stove and add an extra sofa because the whole room is warm - and we're using about a third of the fuel because we don't need a big fire. It's honestly changed our lives!

Marie-Louise, Boston, Lincs

I fitted one to my own stove at home, works great, instant heat from the moment you light it. We are going to market these and offer a fitting service in North Northumberland.”

Colin Davison, The Northumberland Sweep Chimney Services

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