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Installing your Recoheat

Your Recoheat can be installed by a member of a Competent Person scheme, but does not require a Building Control Certificate as it merely entails replacing a section of the flue, which is classed as remedial work. Your regular sweep or original installer is probably the best person to do this work.


There is a list of sweeps and installers who know all about our system on the Installers page.

You can find a sweep using the website

Installing your Recoheat is usually straightforward - it simply fits into the flue collar at the top of your stove, and the rest of the flue is fitted into it. It adds about 3 inches to the height of the flue. Issues like angles and fussy bits can make it a pain, and you need a vertical section of a minimum vertical height of 12 inches - 300mm - to fit it. This can be from the top of the stove or from a T section with a soot hatch immediately off the rear of the stove.

Recoheat units are CE marked and fully compliant with British and European standards for a rigid flue section and for a flue damper. Fitting them is classed as remedial work, so does not require building control.


We are building a register of sweeps and installers familiar with our innovative heat recovery systems, who will be able to fit your Recoheat, test your flue and ensure everything is working well and safely. The currently short list is available on the Installer page.

Please contact us at if you'd like us to recommend a competent person to fit your Recoheat. Conversely, if you'd like to register with us as an installer, please do get in touch!


Please download the Installation Manual using the button above if you mis-lay the one supplied with your Recoheat unit. This contains important safety information, and the CE mark manufacturing standards information your installer will require in order to comply with Building Regulations.

The Performance Test Report and External Test Report are part of our CE marking process and are available to download from the button above.

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