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Earn money with our Affiliate Programme

We're really keen to develop the business with people who love the product, and we want to reward you for recommending us, or just for spreading the word.

Our Affiliate Programme is run by a specialist service provider. When you register, you're provided with a link to our website site that contains your personal details so that when anyone uses it to visit the site, it will not only track them on that visit, but remember them if they come back. When they make a purchase, we'll pay you a commission of 10% of everything they buy.

If you're an installer, retailer or distributer

If you're a Hetas-registered installer, we offer a 20% discount on sales - please contact us at to get involved.

If you're a retailer and would like to stock or distribute our products, again, please get in touch!

Email - we'd love to work with you at whatever scale you operate.

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