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Clean air - healthy home

Stoves are wonderful things, but they do create pollution in the home for two reasons:

  1. Burning solid fuel creates particulate pollution, some of which comes into your room when you open the stove to add fuel.

  2. The stove transfers heat to the room through the convection flow of air, which lifts dust and particles from around the stove area and circulates it around the room.

A Recoheat can improve the air quality in your home by pumping clean air from outside the house and using it to circulate the heat it reclaims from the flue, as well as the heat from the stove.

Here's a diagram of how that works.

Air from outside the home is pumped into the Recoheat, heated to about 500° and pumped out into the room.

The jet of heated, clean air flows into the room, drawing the heat of the stove with it and increasing the area in the room in which heat is transferred to the cooler air in the room.

The result is cleaner warm air circulating in your room, and setting up a convection cycle around the house. So you get more heat, for less fuel, less CO2 and less dust in your home!

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