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Recoheat Heat Profile

Updated: Feb 7, 2023

Our consultant engineers at Cambridge Engineering and Design have been working hard to figure out why the Recoheat works as well as it does, and they have produced this comparison video to demonstrate the effects of a Recoheat on a stove.

-With no Recoheat Fitted

The above video shows a stove in a 4x3x2.5m room with no Recoheat fitted over an hour period. While the heat is dispersed, the distribution is fairly gradual, and when the hour is up the heat is spread very unevenly around the room. Now watch this video showing the same stove, room, and time period- but with a Recoheat fitted.

-With Recoheat fitted

The fantastic heat spread the Recoheat produces is clear, not only heating the room much faster but also creating an even temperature and eradicating cold spots. Notice the circular air movement around the room as the jet of warm air drags the colder air towards it from the lower left part of the room. This is the huge upside of having a Recoheat fitted to your stove, not only to heat up the room quicker, but to get that even spread around your home, and use your stove to beat the cold.

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