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View from a Domestic Energy Assessor

A lot of our customers are chimney sweeps, stove installers and engineers of one sort or another - with a lot of expertise in domestic heating such as to have piqued their interest in a novel device such as ours.

A recent customer left us a wonderful review on Trustpilot citing his expertise as a domestic energy assessor. Ben's company helps businesses, landlords and home owners in Devon and Cornwall to insulate and power their homes in the most efficient and eco-friendly ways, so his perspective is invaluable. His review says:

Energy Efficient Measure

Over summer I installed a log burner. My job as a qualified retrofit assessor/coordinator is to recommend domestic energy efficiencies to maximize investment and reduce payback period. The Recoheat product is a perfect partner to your log burner especially in hard-to-heat homes. It introduces heat into your home that would ordinarily have been lost through the flu. The heat is immediate from a lit fire and before the stove itself has emitted heat or via the glass. As it is creating a convection current this has a greater impact than radiated heat alone. It is so whisper quiet that you can hear the fire draw. I might add that I bought a smart plug that is timed so the heat can convect long after the last log has been burnt out minimizing heat loss, maximizing efficiency.

You can check their company out at particularly if you're interested in improving the efficiency rating of your property.

Thanks very much to Ben for his support, and we're delighted to be helping to make his own home even more efficient - and warm!

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