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We have found a way of extending the Recoheat outlet!

A lot of people ask if they can extend the outlet tube on a Recoheat to blow the heated air into other areas of the house. Until now, this hasn't been possible because the turbulent air passes heat so fast into the extension material that the output cools within the first inch or so.

We have now found a way of overcoming this, so will be able to offer additional flexibility in the setup and use of the system.

It's not something that you normally want to do, because most of the heat the Recoheat circulates is from the stove itself - the turbulent jet from the unit draws the radiant heat from the stove out into the room. Some people want to pipe it straight out the back of the flue into the room or corridor behind though, and many more want to fit the unit to a flue coming off the back of the stove: we'll be able to make an angled fitting that will do this and blow out across the stove.

It's very exciting and means more customers can fit the units and slash their fuel bills this winter!

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