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We're back!

After a five-year hiatus, Recoheat is back in business! After inventor and founder Kevin Haworth was compelled to suspend activity with the business, it remained almost completely dormant until one of his customers came back to buy another device and tracked Kevin down when he found the website gone.

We're really excited to be getting this tremendous product back on the market, particularly as original customers have had the system in place for five years so can provide a perfect testimony for their effectiveness in warming homes and reducing bills. If you're one of them, please get in touch - our Facebook page is still active, and that's probably the best way, though you can also just email us. We'd love to hear from you.

The devices are back in production in Oldham and Suffolk, and our first batch of air pumps is winging its way to our new premises. We have original stock to fulfil our first orders and will have new stock at the beginning of November.

For all enquiries, please email us at

Recoheat turning a 5kw wood-burning stove into a full cabin heating system!

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