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Your Sweep can fit your Recoheat!

Updated: Jul 28, 2023

Contrary to our earlier information, fitting a Recoheat does not require a building control certificate, and therefore does not require installation by a Hetas installer. It can be fitted by a chimney sweep because it is classed as remedial work.

The simply named Chimney Occupations National Occupational Standards National Working Group (CO-NOS-NWG) recently published the new National Occupational Standards (NOS) which formalise this across the industry. Massive thank you to Lawson at the Guild of Master Sweeps for clarifying this to me.

While we’ve got some wonderful installers across the country, it’s been our biggest problem, by far: we’ve had customers waiting more than a year for an installer, and customers whose installers have refused to fit them. That’s over - your sweep is fully qualified to fit your Recoheat, and knows more about your chimney than anyone else. They’ll check it’s burning correctly and is not creating creosote in the bottom section of the flue. If it is, they’ll advise you how to remediate it. If it’s not, they can fit a Recoheat knowing that it will massively increase the heat distribution from your stove without compromising its function. So get in touch with your sweep today, book them in the quieter summer months to clean your chimney and fit a Recoheat, and be a whole lot warmer and more wealthy next winter.

The Chimney Occupational Standards can be viewed at:

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