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Heat from the heart

stove heat recovery

The revolutionary energy-efficient heat recovery system for your multi fuel stove

Transform the heat output from your wood burner or solid fuel stove by installing a Recoheat heat recovery unit into the bottom of your flue. The heat exchange unit recovers an extra 1kw of heat from the flue, starts pumping it as soon as the fire is lit, and continues pumping it for hours after you stop refuelling and the stove cools. It will effectively double the efficiency of your existing wood burner or solid fuel stove because you'll benefit from more heat, for longer, using less fuel . 

Recoheat is the best multi fuel stove accessory on the market because it changes the air flow of the room to push heat around it and create convection flows around the whole house. Using just 37 watts of energy - similar to a low energy lightbulb - our eco-friendly heat recovery system will astonish you with the transformation in warmth and the reduction in fuel consumption and costs you benefit from.

With a small, hot fire in your wood burning stove, you'll be pumping out more than 7000 litres of air an hour heated to 500°C using our standard air pump. Check out our 'How does it work' page for the details, and come and reclaim the heat from the heart of you stove to warm the heart of your home.


Recoheat is an eco-friendly heat recovery system that harvests the heat at the heart of your multi-fuel stove.

Vast amounts of heat energy escapes through your stove’s chimney. Recoheat recovers the lost heat and returns it into your home, pumping it out at a flow rate that doubles for every 100°C increase in heat, because the air expands as it heats. With a typical heat output measured at 300°C, the 60 litres per minute air pump we supply forces the hot air into your room at high speed where it warms the whole room with incredible efficiency - all on a power use of 37 Watts (the usage of our standard air pump). That's less than an old-fashioned light bulb!

Recoheat really is the best accessory for multi fuel stoves on the market, increasing the heat output and reducing fuel costs by an incredible amount, at the cost of running an aquarium air-pump that uses so little power, you can run it off a battery or solar system. 

Wood burning stoves with the Recoheat system have been tested to increase their heat output by 200% – cutting your fuel costs in half!

Your fire is the heart of your home - reclaim the flame with Recoheat!


Save money and CO2 emissions


Reduce your over-all fuel costs


Don't waste it - warm to it!

Incredible performance, easy to fit

Safe, simple, clean AND it retrofits to existing flues in just a few minutes.

The reclaimed heat is pumped into your room within seconds of lighting the fire, and the warm air is circulated around your room and into the rest of the house so that the whole area is warmed.

The unique design continues recovering and pumping heat for hours after the stove has cooled, reducing the amount of fuel you use, and the amount of time you refuel for.

This multi fuel stove accessory will make your stove a high efficiency heat source using nothing more than an air pump - it's the most eco-friendly wood burning stove accessory on the market.

Our Recoheat heat recovery units are now CE marked and can be stalled in full compliance with Building Regulations.



Recoheat benefits you by giving you more of the heat your multifuel stove generates, and because it is so much more heat, for so much longer, you need to use much less fuel.

Heated air is the most efficient way of circulating heat. Most heat from a fire is radiated heat that only feels warm when you are directly in front of it. Recoheat gives huge amounts of convected heat which warms the air in the entire room. A powerful heatjet circulates the heat around the living space and other areas of the home leaving you warm and toasty.

  • Saves you money

  • Creates more warmth

  • Eliminates cold zones

  • Safe, simple and clean

  • Easily installed

  • Fits to existing flues easily

  • Cheap to run – costs just pennies

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Reduces CO2 and pollutants

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